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JBJ Industrial Traders is a technology driven company engaged in manufacturing and trading of industrial and electrical equipments. We, JBJ Industrial Traders, offers a comprehensive assortment of Industrial wires and cables, Switchgear, fuses, insulating material, tapes, PVC/MS pipe and fittings, channels, hylem sheets, heating elements, winding wires, welding cables, telephone cables, amp/volt meter, meters, cable glands, distribution boards, Earthing System, Insulators, Control & Instrumentation Panels, Lighting Arrestors, Transformers, Conductors, Fittings, Spare-parts, electrical poles, panels, emergency lights, cable tray, fans, MCB, OCB, ACB, Nuts & Bolts, Clamps, Metal Angles, Testing Equipments, lamps and tubes, all types of fitting and fixtures, joining kits, plug and sockets, Soda Maker Machines and other electrical accessories. We have a range of Stainless steel, High tensile steel, MS, Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Titanium Alloy, and Plastics. Our range includes standard items (as per DIN, ISO, JIS, NFE, and other National & International Std.) and Multifunctional fasteners like, Self drilling screw, Thread cutting, Thread Forming screws, EcoSyn, EcoFix and many more. Apart from these we also develop and supply items as per customer specifications.

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